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Tongue diagnosis help


I wonder if somebody could help me with the diagnosis of my sons tongue. Is there a liver issue? Thank you in advance and apologies if it’s not the correct place to post it.


What symptoms, if any, is he having that are of concern? How long have you see those particular markings on the tongue? How old is he and what is his diet like? Finally, have you taken him to an acupuncturist locally? if not, why not?

I’m assuming you are primarily concerned with the peeled part in the lv/gb part of the tongue. That area may have always been there (i.e. geographic tongue), so it’s important to mention if it is newer and if it corresponds with any current health issues. Also, just for peace of mind perhaps, don’t too closely associate the lv/gb system from Chinese Medicine theory with just the physical liver and gallbladder organs - it is much more than that (see “My liver is what?”). In other words, the liver system may very well have issues from a Chinese Medicine perspective, but that doesn’t mean he has (or even will have) any physical liver organ problems.


Thank you so much for your answer.
I the tongue is like this for about a month and a half.
He is a two year old boy. I live in rural area and I don’t know any acupuncturist close enought here. I suppose will try a trip to the coty soon.
He eats a very nervous boy however on the outside looks calm. He sleeps very bad, wakes up 5/6 times during the night and only sleeps 8 hs in total. During the day he is very grumpy I guess because the luck of sleep. He has very frequently tonsilitis.
He only eats cooked vegetables, doesn’t like raw veg, he eats a lot fish and chicken, a little beef meat. It’s hard to make him eat fruits for now, he is in that stage :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your help!

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