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Tongue diagnosis and pulse


This is the picture of my tongue… In my tongue kid area have thick fur and feeling dry in that area… And also noticed tooth marks on sides…i have no pulse in kid yin superior area…i have cold all time…some times pain in knee…what is the underlying condition I have? Pls some one explain this using five element theory and treatment method?


How is your digestion - any bloating, loose stools, loss of appetite, etc. What is your sleep like - any issues there? That would help to get a better idea of what’s going on with you.


Digestion is good…no loose stools…but i have irregular bowel movements some time i got daily some time once in two days… at the time of sleep lots of things are running backround in my mind


First of all keep in mind that it is virtually impossible to make an accurate diagnosis without actually seeing someone in person. And I am a bit rusty on five element theory as well but my best take is that you have wood [liver] overacting on earth [spleen]. Correspondingly, since earth controls water, a weakened earth element can result in water being excessive which would account for feeling cold. There are several takes on treatment but generally you would reduce wood and water and tonify earth. You can read more on five element theory and treatment options.

Your best option for treatment is to find a local practitioner to work with.


Thank u very much…I just want to understand what happening inside me…I am primary school teacher…once in a week I got headache …this might help u to better understand my situation…


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