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Tong Ren weight loss


I am very interested in starting a Tong Ren Weight Loss Guinea Pig class. I would greatly appreciate any insite that any one would like to offer.




make sure you bring the energy down to the feet when you finish banging the doll. that can help you sleep. also, t7 on the left is good for any sleep problems, then finish at K1.

enjoy! keep it up with the metabolism points too!


The metabolism or weight loss points are TW16 & 17 on the right side. Some practitioners also add a little GV22.
TW16 &17 are just behind the earlobe and then down and back 2 cm. on the doll. GV22 is on top of the head, slightly behind the hairline.
When I'm too energized to sleep, I meditate and try to make or feel the energy flowing down my legs and out of K1.


Thanks for the help!!!
Now, the 2 books I bought do not say "start with X point and finish with the feet" but is that what I should do?? Start with the GV20 and end with K1?? and work on the other issues in between?Huh??
Thanks again


Hello Coleen, Yes, generally all Tong Ren treatments should start by opening the top of the head - GV20 is a good place to start. Then you would work your way down to your areas of concern. For weight loss you want to concentrate on the "metabolism" points as posted by Dave. In addition to that you may also use GB 13 and C2 on the right side for the emotional aspects of weight issues. After you focus on your main areas you always want to descend the energy to either KD 1 a/or LV 3. This is done to avoid the exact symptoms you describe, essentially to avoid being overstimulated by the energy of the treatment.


Are you interested in running your own guinea pig class - or starting to attend a guinea pig class? If you are interested in running your own class, please contact us via email on the contact link at the top of the site. If you are interested in starting to attend a class, the general recommendation is to just go and experience the class and see how you respond. If you have specific questions about the classes, feel free to ask via the forums.


my girlfriend was told she has low thyroid function, hypothyroidism, which sounds scarey coming from a doctor after blood tests, but i am sure its not a huge work to clear it up. everyone has one disbalance or another.....

i notice she has low spleen and liver, with pale tougue and white coating and i have been working on SP2,3,4,5,6 amongst others

SP2 interesting corresponds with the reflexology point for the thyroid so seems all roads lead to rome here...

any other pointers on treating hypothyroidism

she gave birth in June 08, so i assume some balancing out in her system also going on right now.




When you say "working on", what do you mean? Acupressure, Acupuncture, Tong Ren Therapy, ...? I'll assume acupressure since you mentioned reflexology. If I'm incorrect, please clarify your question.

First, generally it is not effective to use a string of points like it appears you are doing. Particularly ones that have opposite effects (some of those tonify, some clear damp, some clear heat, etc.) Generally the body won't listen to too many messages so the point choice needs to be clearer. Furthermore, while there are some tongue indications for perhaps SP 3, you also need to consider other aspects of her health and her main complaint in forming a treatment plan. In other words, tonifying the spleen meridian alone will likely not be enough to help her thyroid.

Below is our general protocol for thyroid issues you can use these points with acupressure

<ul><li>Huatuo area of C6 (thyroid gland) and C7 (parathyroid gland)</li><li>SI 16 both sides (or side most sore) open circulation in the neck ("sky window") area</li><li>GV 22, ST 9, KD 3, PC 7, and other points as appropriate.</li></ul>


Can anyone be more specific, for weight loss. Just start with the ear points, Shenmen and with those mention above?


You appear to be asking about an acupuncture protocol, whereas this discussion is concerning Tong Ren protocols for weight loss. If you can clarify what modality you are using, I can offer the correct protocol. Although my usual statements regarding people asking for fixed protocols apply here. There is no treatment for "weight loss" per se, but there are treatments for addictions, endocrine issues, thyroid problems, and the host of Chinese Medicine patterns that are common with obesity - spleen yang deficiency, dampness, kidney yang deficiency, liver overacting on the spleen, etc. So, you will need to know exactly what pattern(s) you are treating in Chinese Medicine terms to properly apply acupuncture if that is what you are asking about.

So, please clarify your question and I will offer what I can.

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