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Tong Ren Therapy for the Flu


Could you please give the Tong Ren Accupuncture sequence for the flu. Thanks


The flu can be slightly different depending on the overriding symptoms, but it will be a mix between the common cold treatments and more viral based treatments such as hepatitis. The protocol is on the Tong Ren Therapy for Flu page.



Thank you very much Chad for the detailed information you gave on the Flu. I had good success with the information from the Lazy Bum book but I am sure that everything would have gone better and faster with the information you provided, such as what to access for viral infections. (I am a beginner, learning as fast as I can.) I used "bronchitis" for a two-month lingering cough from the flu. It worked beautifully but I was only guessing.

Do you have a list of other illnesses with such detailed infomation. I would really appreciate it if you do. With gratitude, randoru


There is a list that I've started as part of the Conditions Treated section. The page you will want is "Conditions Treated with Tong Ren Therapy".

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