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Tong Ren Question

I have just started receiving Tong Ren through broadcasts and conference calls. However, I am not quite sure how I should post my requests because I don’t have a diagnosis from my doctor.
My health started to decline after a tremendous amount of stress and trauma 2 years ago. I began to have digestive problems. It felt like my gallbladder and liver were underperforming. I became sensitive to many foods and fatty foods were also troublesome. Began to have problems with sleep waking up at 2 and at 4. Began to have nightmares. Developed sensitivity to foods and any supplement high in sulfur . Someone suggested SIBO with sulfur intolerance. I have been on a low sulfur diet for over a year. I believe I also have a good case of systemic candida as I will go into a coma like sleep after eating foods high in carbs. I also experience itching on I think it’s T1,2 or 3 maybe C6, itch also on right Achilles kidney area and bottom of foot. I believe I also may have had an adrenal crash during the onset of illness. The area under and around bottom of right rib cage feels full or swollen. Ultrasound of liver and gallbladder did not show any sludge or or stones. I experience extreme fatigue, depression and anxiety.
I have made some headway in the last week. I think some gum infection (bacterial or fungal) has been undermining health. I am taking extra measures with oral health and believe it is making a difference. For many years, long before this illness my tongue has had teeth indentations on both sides.
So only guessing because I can not afford to go to a acupuncturist or naturopath, I am thinking I am dealing with adrenal fatigue, candida overgrowth, SIBO with sulfur intolerance, and liver and gall bladder problems.
One person from the Tong Ren community suggested that I request tapping for PTSD, metabolism and immune system. Would you have any suggestions?
I am limiting supplements to not overload liver.
By the way, I have used your site exclusively for information on acupuncture to do personal acupressure treatments. You have a wealth of information on your site. And it was from your site that I found Tong Ren. Thank you :pray:.

I agree with that practitioner, from a tong ren perspective that would cover the vital systems regardless of what, in western terms, is really happening to you.

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