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Tong ren for Hashimotos disease


To my fellow tong ren practitioners:

I am trying to find a person that has ever treated a client with Hashimoto's disease

with tongren. Most of the clients with this disease will have a lump on the thyroid due to

underactive thyroid gland. Does this lump disapear on its own once the thyroid is functioning

normally or does need to be worked on in order to get rid of it.?

Please if anyone has had experience with Hashimoto, I would greatly appreciate if you reply

Kidney Yang Deficiency

The treatment for hashimoto's is working on the thyroid so any swelling should respond as the thyroid improves. The main area for the thyroid is the huatuo of C6.

For reference sake the general protocol for Hashimoto's is as follows (adapted as appropriate for each patient):

Huatuo of C6 - Thyroid

SI 16 - sky window area, effect circulation in neck/thyroid area

KD 26 - open the circulation in the chest/neck

Huatuo of T1, T2, and T3 - the bone marrow, thymus gland and lung/lymph systems respectively -collectively effect immune/auto-immune based disorders

Huatuo of T7 - abdominal blood vessels, effect circulation, useful for all blood based conditions

KD 3 - from a TCM perspective builds the kidney system

GV 22 - regulate functions of the hypothalamus

Can acupuncture treat Hashimoto?
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