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Tong Ren for Brain Cancer


Hi, I am asking this on behalf of a friend. He has been suffering from brain cancer and it has now spread to most parts of the brain. The doctors have stopped treatment. He lives in North Carolina and lives with his wife and two young children. They are really hoping for a miracle to save his life. I just came across this therapy and am wondering if any way he can be helped. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Tong Ren Therapy treatment can be obtained either through the numerous online video classes or by attending a class locally. I don&#39t think there is a physical class in NC, however the list is here to see if any are nearby.

For online classes - we offer ours each Tuesday evening at 6pm and then there are numerous classes offered via .

For someone in his condition he needs treatment multiple times/week ideally.


Chad, thanks for your reply. Appreciate it.

Do the online classes offer treatment, or are they for therapists to learn how to give treatment? Trying to understand. Also it would be helpful to know what the classes and treatment cost.

Thanks much for replying.



They are for treatment and for the most part all of the classes are free with some physical ones accepting donations for the cost of renting space.

You might want to start by reading our "introduction to tong ren".


Great, thank you so much.


Greetings! In fact, the person above found me on the tongrenstation website and called me for phone sessions. I wanted to report in that I offered 3 consecutive treatments to this friend in NC. His wife put the speaker cell phone on and placed it by his pillow, since he was in the hospital by the time we connected.

The experience was that the client increased the amount of energy he was able to absorb and then passed on 12 or so hours after the last treatment. Of course there is no way to physically verify what transpired. And there is no accounting for the presence of choice in what a person does with these energy infusions.

What this did for me was to renew my intent to spread the concept and utilization of energy medicine in all dis-ease. Whether it is Tong Ren or Cranial Sacral Therapy or Healing Touch, the sooner these are introduced into the medicinal treatment, the more ease there will be in transitioning to whole health on all levels.


Hi Brenna,

Thanks so much for the sessions you did for my friend. I was not there personally however I did hear that even though he was in his last days the sessions did give him energy. Another doctor friend who was with him at that time described that the effect on him was miraculous. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you and Guy Ciccone took to help my friend. Even though he passed away, I believe that had we found out about Tong Ren therapy sooner, it may have been of immense help.

I thank you once again and I pray that you and other healers continue to spread your positive energy to all those in need.



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