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Tong Ren Book?


Can someone tell me which one of Tom Tam's books teaches how to use the Tong Ren acupuncture method with the doll?



Hello "Curious", The Tom Tam Healing System is the foundation for all of the work we do, whether it is Tong Ren using the Doll, Acupuncture, Massage, etc. All of the books, then, cover various aspects of the system most of which is applicable to work with the doll.

The Tom Tam Healing System text provides the overall framework of the system and is probably the best book to start with. In actual practice, the A Lazy Bum's Healing: Tong Ren Cross Reference is the easiest for people to use as it has the points & areas one would use in Tong Ren Therapy for the majority of conditions and cancers that people seek treatment for. The two together, provide enough information for people to understand and utilize the system.


I am looking for books on Laser therapy that will show pressur points ect any anyone lead me in the right direction
Thank you


This page is helpful
and the following text provides a good introduction to the mechanisms behind laser acupuncture:

Therapeutic Lasers.

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