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Tong Ren and Leukemia (CLL)


Although I am familiar with many "alternative medicine" modalities, I had not heard of Tong Ren til I read about it on the YinYangHouse website this week and did some research on the internet about it, in particular, the treatments for different types of cancers.

I was excited to read that there is a protocol for leukemia. Can someone please tell me where are T1(bone marrow), T7 and T8 (blood) are located? And if one can massage the corresponding blocked "ouch" points for children, can one massage the "ouch" (blocked) points for adults?

I know the names of the meridians, but don't see the above referenced points on my little chart.

Thank you so much for any weblink or information you can provide.


B. K.

ps I have already purchased the Kang Zhong Pian formula which seems to be indicated for blood cancer.


I would recommend you start by reading the Tong Ren Therapy introductory page - which has a link to the Huatuo Point System used within Tong Ren Therapy. In short, huatuo points are noted by the vertebrae they are located at (.25 inch on either side). So c7 is cervical vertebrae 7, T1 is thoracic vertebrae 1, etc.


Dear Chad,

Thank you very much. My acupressurist and Tai Chi instructor in PA worked a lot up and down these Huatua points and I always felt so good afterwards. She explained that they "reached out" so to speak, to the whole body. I wish your practice was not so far away! Do you know anyone good to work with here in Durham, Chapel Hill or Raleigh? I looked for someone who does Tong Ren but there is only one person in NC, in "Oriental" NC of all the places. I realize you may not be able to make recommendations in public chat.

Would the best thing for me be to learn Tong Ren and self treat the leukemia points? I have "had" Cll (I don&#39t like to "own" it) for 17 years, have been treated twice and don&#39t want it to re-occur. I have been trying to get to the root cause all this time with so many different modalities. Tai Chi and Qigong help me thrive but there is more to the puzzle. I think TCM has what I need, if only I can find the right self-applications and practitioners to help.

Thank you again for your prompt response. And btw I am so impressed with the explanations you give about Chinese medecine on you site. They are perfectly clear and understandable. I have read a number of them and printed them out for my "learning notebook." I love your website and the free forum as well as the classes on Tuesday night. I was so surprised to see the Tong Ren last night after reading about it. There you were hammering vooddoo style on a maneqin. Yet I understood right away that energetically this could heal someone. I teach and practice EFT and we do "surrogate tapping" for people all the time.

Thank you again,

B. K.

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