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Tom Tam palpation


Submitted By: pook

Hi Chad, I bought the Tom Tam healing system book a few months ago and have been meaning to ask you a question regarding point location.

Tom constantly mentions that there will probably be a 'knot' at T5 for instance. Quite often I will be treating someone for a condition (using TCM but trying to integrate Tom Tam system into practice) and palpate the relevant huato jiaji points and not feel any areas of stagnation. Am I taking it too literally about looking for 'knots' in the huatojiaji area ie, 0.5 cun from the spine or should I be looking in the general area as far as the outer BL line or even further? I figure I have pretty good palpation skills as I have been doing bodywork for 12 years but I thought maybe I was missing something here.

Cheers from Aus



Well from a practitioner perspective there are three things I can say. First, yes, the knots are very often palpable and that is the goal of the palpatory diagnosis aspect of the system. It doesn&#39t have to be at the huatuo however but can be out along the bladder lines or even along the nerve line. Second, there is also an energetic block that may not appear physically - this is where the medical qi gong aspects of the system come into play. Using medical qi gong training to find the "blockages". Finally, however, as he has such an incredible amount of experience I might just treat the point regardless of what I find. The points in the system are essentially drawn from three factors - one does it make sense from a western a&p/nerve/circulation standpoint, two does it make sense from a tcm standpoint, and finally what have we seen over the 10&#39s of thousands of cases. The advantage that Tom has is the sheer number of people he sees every week and how long he has been doing that. He&#39s seen it all in some ways and that&#39s what&#39s written down... If it makes sense clinically I usually treat the point regardless of what I find.


thanks Chad,

that has certainly cleared a few things up for me.




are there any video clips of Tom (or yourself) doing a treatment using Tom Tam therapy? I&#39m a bit of a visual learner so it&#39s good to see people apply techniques in their own unique way to help me solidify theoretical information.

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