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Toenail fungus that is frustrating and painful


I lost both toenails on each of my big toes at different times, many yeas ago. Both nails grew back irregular. I suspected toenail fungus but results always came back negative. I made my doctor treat me for it anyway. He prescribed Lamisil, but it had no effect.
After moving, I went to a podiatrist who started cutting away the affected parts of the nail as it would grow out. It is now worse than it ever was. Pressure from shoes causes quite a lot of pain. I should mention that I have had numbness in the tips of my big toes for several years. When my toes hurt, the tips are so sensitive that even socks can hurt! Sounds weird I know.
I have also tried tea tree oil, and even Vicks vapo rub, to no avail.
Is this also a symptom of hormone imbalance?


When you say it is worse now, what exactly do you mean? The quality of the nail? The level of discomfort? How did you lose your nails in the first place? Do you have any other symptoms of hormone imbalance - hot flashes, mood swings, rapid weight gain/loss, etc.


We have used Oregano Oil (at 35% strength) to eradicate this problem.Works quite well. Apply direct to nails and area between toes. Results have always been fast.


I lost both nails on my big toes at different times, both from a fall. The first was one I was in grade 4 or 5. The second when I was in my very early 20s.
The new toenails never really grew back properly and were always a bit ridged and thicker. Years later I realized there what was probably a nail fungus on the big toe on my right foot. After countless attempts to get it diagnosed as such, (all results from cuttings came back negative, or inconclusive), I convinced my doctor to prescribe Lamisil, but it was not to not much effect.
A couple of years ago, After moving across the country, I decided to revisit the issue. By this point, what I thought was nail fungus was occurring on the big toe of my left foot as well.
I went to a podiatrist, who concluded that there was indeed fungus under both nails. She started clipping away the nail, and removing some of the fungus every few weeks. I decided that I could continue to do this myself rather than pay her to do what I could do.
I made sure to sterilize everything before and after!
I finally just stopped because there was no improvement. It is now worse than it has ever been, with the nail on the right big toe, currently being so thick, that it is pulling in from the side to accommodate the lifting of the nail! Yuck!! While, at the moment, the pain level has subsided, at its worst, I could barely wear socks without the resulting pressure causing pain.
FYI the tips of my big toes alternate with a numbing lack of feeling, to extreme and painful sensitivity probably caused by pressure on the nail from being confined in shoes.


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