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Toe Pain


I am currently in hospital rehab. I am here because I have very little mobility in my legs as well as diminished sensation. I have been taking several pain meds and am fortunately in the process of reducing them. I have been experiencing serious leg pain and my doctor has put me on Neurontin which is working great. The only problem is that since the leg pain has begun to decrease, I have noticed toe pain increasing. My doctor is a pain specialist and told me that patients often report the toes as being the last place where they feel pain, and that in a sense, pain flows through the body and out through the toes.

I found this particularly interesting because I tried biofeedback once and was very good at it and the method I used was to imagine all of my stress and pain flowing out through my toes.

In any case, my doctor has recommended that I try to find an acupressure point that I can use on my own to help reduce my toe pain. The pain I feel is as if someone were pushing my toes back. (hyper-flexing). Sometimes it's worse in my big toe and sometimes it's worse in my little toes. My doctor seemed to think that there might be a spot in my hand that I could press to alleviate my toe pain. I have been unable to find anything about this by googling "toe pain acupressure" so I'm hoping that someone here can either help me find the spot or refer me to a web page where I can get more information.

I realize that this is an acupuncture site and that this forum is also about acupuncture, so I apologize if I have posted my question in the wrong place but I didn't know where else to ask.

So does anyone have any advice, suggestions, or referrals that can help me?



buy some salonpas patches, cut into small pieces, suround stick on your ten toes, everyday at least 8 hours then change new patches, seven days a term.

thank you


Feng Mei


What is the cause of the leg pain? Disc problems? Either way, I would recommend you see an acupuncturist. After you are properly evaluated and go through a round of treatments the pain may be gone. Even if you still have pain a practitioner who has evaluated you in person would better be able to recommend acupressure or other self-help techniques to continue the process of healing. Acupuncture is extremely effective for all types of pain and nerve issues so I would expect it to be very helpful for your case regardless of cause.

You could read through my common acupressure points page and see if anything fits. The doctor is probably talking about LI 4 which is useful for headaches and upper body pain but would likely do little for this issue.


i think it would be good to know a litle of your medical history as well - disc problems, diabetes? Is ther an underlying issue that keeps asserting the pain that may need to be resolved...

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