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Toe nail ''stopped growing'' some time ago


O know i asked a couple of questions in a short period of time, but i feel need to ask one more.

Couple of months ago, probably in December or January i hit my leg with my big toe first and since than the toe nail on my left foot isnt growing.

At first it hurter just a bit, not when i walk on it but only if i press with my fingers near the nail root. Situation is similar now, just a bit worse.

What i mean by that is, i can walk without a problem,even put my whole weight on my big toe but it is obvious that there is an inflamation process going on. There is one spot that is really tender when i touch it and also lately there is a bit of pus oozing from the ''border line'' and than dries out on the nail and so i have to remove it with my fingers when it dries out.

The thing that is bothering me now is i actually think the nail is receding, going backward. The nail looks much smaller than the healthy one and is obviously dead.

I was told that i should just be patient and that a new nail will push out the old one and that this could take months but nothing is happening so far and even though i don't have any serious problems with it (i am not living in constant pain) i would surely want to ''fix this''.

I did not go to a western medicine doctor since i know their only solution for this would be surgery, so i ask you, can i correct this isusse, speed it up with acupuncture. Have you ever had situations like this?


Generally toenails can take up to 6+ months to regrow, so you will probably just have to wait a little longer and everything will work out fine. With regards to western medicine I don&#39t believe they would do surgery - they have ways to make the nail never grow back again but there is no surgical way to speed it up that I am aware of... If it is infected, however, it would be good to have your MD lancet the area and clear the infection.


Yes, when i mentioned western medicine i thought they would remove the dead nail with surgery like they do on ingrown nails.

As far as infection goes, it is a small process, nothing critical. Will follow your advice and be patient for a while longer, keeping good hygiene, himalaya and epsom salt baths etc to help it recover.


With pus at the"border line" suggests to me the beginning of a paronychial abscess. See a medical dr who will probably clean the are and prescribe an antibiotic then wait and see. Do not always need that nail bee removed. But take advise of medical dr. The pain on a particular point suggests abscess formation. Hope this helps


After looking at some pictures it does seem to be just that (Paronychia) but the pus isn&#39t visible so it must be underneath.

Will try hot soaks with vinegar/epsom salt and origano oil treatment for a couple of days and if it doesn&#39t work will see a medic. Tried pricking the pain spots with a regular needle (after cleaning everything with alkohol first) but only blood went out, no puss, so it must be deep down.

Thanks for this to both of you!


Was wondering if there is any connection between the fact that i have this issue on my toe (which is the starting point of the spleen) and the fact that i am obviously suffering from certain spleen issues.

I am delaying my visit to a TCM practitioner until i fix this, but maybe this condition can be improved with TCM? The toe point on my left ear is painful and reactive. It is needled as we speak, but is there something else i could do here acupuncture vise?

I&#39ve visited a person that does pedicures, she has experience with this issues and also ingrown nails, she fixes them without a scalpel, she removed some fragment on the sides and said it would be fine, but the conditions remains similar, although drainage is better and there is almost no pain.

So to sum up, is there something i can do here acupuncture wise (kill pathogens near SP 1 acu point) or should i just take those antibiotics?

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