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Toe Nail Fungus


Hello TCM Practitioners,

I am looking for a formula to treat toe nail fungus - any ideas? Patient has both big toes with yellow and black, brittle nails, no pain or discomfort, many years.

Thank You,



Use herbs: "Ku Shen" 50g + "Che Qian Zi" 50g, together put into a big bottle of white vinegar, after 7 days, use the herbal liquid soak the toes 3 times daily, soon your toes&#39 nail will become good.


Smear toothpaste on the toe nail after washing thouroghly with a mild soap and leave it on overnight for a couple of weeks and the fungus will disappear



I use Grapefruit Seed Extract (Nutribiotic GSE) Liquid. I keep a small, 2 oz. spray bottle in my office, and keep a mixture of 3 drops in 2 oz. of water. This makes a very mild, antibiotic/antiviral spray for handwashing.

For a stronger antiviral topical, read instructions and use on toenails.

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