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To get pregnant, when in my cycle do I need to start the tea pills(Chang Zi Wan)


Please If someone can help me. I don’t know when in my cycle do I need to start taking the tea pills, I will use Cheng Zi Wan to conceive.


That’s a question for the person who prescribed those to you. It would either be the entire menstrual cycle for a few months before attempting to conceive, the entire menstrual cycle while attempting, only up until ovulation and nothing or some other formula afterwards. It depends greatly on why the practitioner chose that formula for you and your true underlying signs from a Chinese Medicine perspective (see “how to choose a formula” for more).


The chinese formula Cheng Zi Wan apparently this tea pills is suppose to start the day that the bleeding ends until the ovulation or if the period is irregular then until the next cycle begins if you did not get a pregnancy. I did not see a Dr for it. In my last 2 pregnancy that the last one was 10 years ago in a health food the Dr there told me to take 3 times per day a 1,300 mg of evening primrose oil with a chinnese tea pills also 3 times perday. I call this time to the same health food but the Dr is not there anymore and the employee not remember which chinnese tea pills was and she dont remember when I should start with the tea pills. So I make a research and find the Chen Zi Wan also I find Wen Jing Wan to help with the fertility. I have my monthly cycle but I dont ovulate often. The last 2 times for my other 2 pregnancies and got pregnancy in the first cycle taking the chinese tea pills together with the Evening Primrose oil. If you can help me I will apreciated very much.


As I stated earlier, whether or not it is appropriate for you, or wen jing wan for that matter, is something that only a practitioner who can physically see you can tell you. Herbal formulas are not chosen by the condition (i.e. infertility) but by the cause of the issues from a Chinese Medicine perspective. With a 10 year range between pregnancies it is not impossible, but it is unlikely, that you have the same exact underlying diagnosis now that you did 10 years ago. The proper treatment would be tailored to you diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms as it stands currently - for more on that read (“treating the cause vs. the symptoms” and “how to choose a formula”). There are at least 30 or so formulas that you could say are for fertility - but only one or two of those at this moment would be the right one for you. I would suggest you find a practitioner in your area and work with them directly. You can make your overall condition worse as well as your fertility chances by taking the wrong formula.


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