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I have a patient that has TMJ and also headache in the temple and behind the eye area. Now her headache last 2 times has been in entire head and heavy. She has migraine and TMJ for the long time. Could electroacupuncture help her and what points do I use? I have been using ST 7 and LI4.

Thank you for your time.


My treatment article, acupuncture for TMJ, has the majority of the points listed from a standard TCM approach (the acupuncture for headaches article would also be good to go through). We usually use a fair amount of tuina with both TMJ and migraines as there is often strong nerve/structural involvement outside of any TCM pattern you might find. Generally the tuina is deep and done for a minute or two before needling and then a little longer afterwards. Personally I do not find electroacupuncture helpful vs. tuina with appropriate needling in particular. The tuina, in my opinion, is crucial.

For TMJ I focus on the following points (perhaps in addition to their TCM pattern) - huatuo of C4, C5, SI 17, SI 16, TH 5, LI 4, and ashi (or "ouch" points). C4 and C5 area is the facial nerves/arteries.

For Migraines I often use the huatuo of C1, C2, Taiyang, and TH 16.

The main points to use tuina on are the huatuo points in the neck and the sky window points. The rest can be needled.

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