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Tiny red spots on skin


Does anyone ever see small red spots on the skin, to be related to some certain kind of ailment or condition?

I assume it could be related to fire in the lungs. I’ve given shiatsu chair massages yesterday and saw this skin issue with at least 3 of the 18 people I treated. One of the women mentioned a smoking habit. With the others I couldn’t really see why.


The petechiae are generally blood stasis in Chinese Medicine terms. Stasis can come from deficiency or excess causes so the factors in western physiological terms would vary quite widely. Certainly in smokers, as you pointed out, it would be somewhat common to see them over certain parts of the lungs either on the back or chest or both.

Older traumas, sustained chronic illnesses, cardiovascular issues, and a many other possibilities can be related. They are definitely diagnostically significant in Chinese Medicine.


Very clear, thank you.

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