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my husband have a tinnitus about the year long. what points should be used to treat this condition?

and actually does acupancture help alone or some hearbs need to be taken as well?


Right below your posting a link "Tinnitus" was created automatically. That page has all of the answers that you are looking for. For points see the acupuncture protocol for tinnitus which is linked to from that page.


For liver fire tinnitus points: Sj3, 17, Gb2, 43. emotion easy angry add: Lv3, Gb40, too much phlegm add: St40, Pc8. Herb formula is: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang.

for Kidney deficiency tinnitus points: Sj17, Gb2, Ub23, Ren4, Kd3. also can add: St36, Gb42 to tonify kidney. Herb formula is : Er Long Zuo Ci Wan.

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