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Tinnitus Triggered/Reactiviated by Accupuncture?


I’ve had tinnitus since my early 20s; however, during my 20s it pretty much faded and I didn’t have any problems with it until my late 30s.

During my 30s I had developed liver heat and a mild wei qi deficiency through stress and prolonged poor sleep cycles (unknown to me at the time), so I decided to go to a Chinese Dr. as I was having lots of blocked sinus issues.

After my first treatment with accupuncture, my tinnitus seemed to return with a vengeance and I’ve had it ever since (bilateral, constant, but bearable). This was about 2 years ago. I’ve since had good treatment for the liver heat and other issues.

My question is: I would like to know how accupuncture could have possibly triggered this return of my tinnitus?

I’ve asked several Chinese doctors and most have said that it is not possible that the accupuncture treatment could have caused it; however, it also clearly not a coincidence that my tinnitus returned immediately after that first accupuncture treatment, i.e., the same day, later that evening.



From what you are describing your tinnitus is most likely from your sinus issues. So if the acupuncture had anything to do with it, it may have just been some shifting in your sinus cavity that triggered it starting again. For people with long term sinus issues, particularly those who had repeated sinus/ear infections in their youth, tinnitus is quite likely from the scar tissue that is created from the infections.

That said, liver heat would be another possible cause of tinnitus - so it may be that that is not as under control as you are thinking it is.

Your practitioner would be the one to ask these questions to, however, as they are both more familiar with your individual medical history and with the points they used.


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