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I have a tinnitus problem and as well my wife does and has for 3 yrs now. As well we have intermitant tremors and our 16 yr old who has always had mild tremors have become more pronounced with facial ticcing and body tics and tremors involuntary and voluntary. My wife and I pulse is forceful at times and tounge hers pale with white coating but scallops on lateral sides of tounge. Mine is pink with light white coating in morning and becomes redder though the day with cracks vertical and horizontal as well later in day towards night white/yellow in kd/lung region. You mentioned in your response to a lady on tinnitus that kidneys are not the only organs responsible for ear conditions. Gallbladder, Urinary Bladder, Small Intestine, San Jiao and other Channels also travel through or around the ears. How do I assess this? We have an acupunturist on staff and have had tx's in the past for other issues as well he has tx my wife and kids, but is not in the office much. As well I will tx myself kd3 lv2-3 gb 34 LI 4 st 36. Any help or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Keith


As you have a practitioner near you it is always best to consult with them as they have the benefit of being able to physically diagnose you and get answers to a multitude of relevant questions that are important to developing the correct diagnosis. And given the option it is always better to let someone else treat you than to try to treat yourself. Tinnitus is generally a very treatable condition but determing and properly treating the underlying diagnosis is crucial - i.e. as opposed to using points that may be helpful for tinnitus. To help you better understand the patterns involved with tinnitus I would suggest you read our acupuncture for tinnitus page. Facial tics are usually liver related - liver wind, liver qi stagnation, liver blood deficiency, kidney - kidney yin deficiency and/or spleen related - spleen qi deficiency, spleen blood deficiency. Some of the more common patterns are listed on our tremor treatment page with links to the pattern information page for more diagnostic information (for example, liver wind).


Thank you Chad. I will look into your suggestions. Keith


To me it sounds like bartonella. Maybe it is worth to check?


bartonella inducing tremors? or the tinnitus? Keith


Bartonella can cause both tremors and tinnitus. My chinese doc managed to get me symptom-free after 6 months. (41 sessions so far.) Tounge still look like yours. :) Bit of involuntary movement mainly when I wake. My case was a bit more complicated with lyme. I hope the best for you.

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