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Tinnitus protocol


One of my patients (50 yrs old woman) suffers from unilateral tinnitus (with a little hearing difficulty). It's chronic but constant ringing not eliminated by pressing the ear. Tongue and pulse is normal. I've begaun excess pattern treatment using SJ17+SJ2+SJ3+GB2+GB43 and two sessions of scalp acupuncture (auditory area), total 7 sessions (2/wk) but there is not yet any improvement. Would you please let me know your suggestions and/or recommendations in this case.


I would start by reading our entire section on the treatment of tinnitus, particularly the acupuncture for tinnitus section.

From the Tam Healing system I use some of the standard TCM points described above and then use deep tuina and needling as appropriate on the following points:

Tuina (before and after treatment) - huatuo of C3, SI 16, LI 18

Use the tuina on the side that is most painful to the patient, both if they are equal

Needling (in addition to standard tcm points as appropriate) - GB 20, TH 5, Taiyang

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