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Tinnitus/Menier Disease


HI Sir,

This is Harila. I would like know is there any treatment for tinnitus (cause is menier disease) ? Please let me if any treatment is there ? Im suffering from it from past 3 and half year. I got it when i was in 8th month pregnancy. After baby delivery few peak symptoms like giddiness ,balancing got improved. But still tinnitus and concentration levels , memory etc not yet recovered. Trying a lot to find out the solution. Please help me.


If you follow any of the links that were automatically created below your posting (or use the search function within our conditions section) you will find the treatment pages for tinnitus and meniere&#39s. Both are treated with Chinese Medicine but proper diagnosis is absolutely crucial when choosing herbal formulas and/or acupuncture points to help.

You should find a practitioner in your local area and consult with them directly. For some ideas on the range of treatments available you can read the tinnitus page within our conditions section.


I agree that tinnitus and Meniere&#39s Disease are two different conditions. Either can negatively influence quality of life in a profound way. The drug , Meclizine (Antivert) 25 mg by mouth 3-4 times per day can be helpful in treating Meniere&#39s Disease and, frankly, is more cost effective than acupuncture. Tinnitus is another story. There is no good allopathic treatment for it. The acupuncture training I received recommends treating TF-21, SI-19, and GB-2 bilaterally. If there are indications of yang rising, or liver fire rising, I would consider adding GV-20.

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