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Tinnitus in RT Ear for 22 months- has any one healed this with acupuncture/ other approach?


Hello and Thank you for reading. Any feedback on any healing technique would be deeply appreciated! Have a beautiful day, all.

I am a 49 year female who got an ear infection after being on a windy high desert range in S. Colorado covering a US Army story as a reporter. My job had just been axed, and this was my last assignment as I was being laid off after only 3 months in this position. After
transcribing the taped interviews where I turned up the volume to make out the dim voices for 2 days, and handing in my badge, on Dec 15th 2009 the day after I left I got an ear infection. When the infection cleared after a course of antibiotics on 20 Dec 2009 I had tinnitus in my right
ear. I had had only one prior ear infection as a girl, and I can not recall the name of the antibiotics I took. (I have not taken many courses of antibiotics in my lifetime- the ear infection was quite painful)
Prior to that short 3 month job, I had a 9 month job as a desktop publisher
where I forced to wear a radio headset 8 hours during the work day and listen to chatter of retail store employees next door to the Print shop where I worked. This was because the print shop was an adjunct to the office supplies store, a very stressful job to design & desktop publisher while people waited.

> After the onset of my tinnitus, it was very difficult initially to accept I could never be free of this high pitched ringing noise. I have always valued silence, and enjoyed silent meditations which always soothed me. I consulted an otologist in Jan 2010 which showed findings of some mild hearing loss in the low tones and moderate loss in the extreme low tones in the right ear. This doctor prescribed a diuretic which I refused to take as I did not see how such a
pharmaceutical drug would help me. I did and do have a liquidy feeling in that ear,
and I do live at an altitude of 6412 feet (hilly foothills of the mountains of Colorado), a very arid place for me as a Native New Englander.
> I also have a lot of stress and anxiety in general. A history of childhood abuse, and I recall having issues with falling asleep as a tot, and even being terrified in the crib memory. I have done a lot of work to be at peace with my childhood experiences and I did leave this home at age 14.

> Recently I have started working with an acupuncturist and TCM wonderful Doctor for a pain on my right side, and she diagnosed me as having Blood Stagnation. "Very low energy", she
> said, taking my pulse. The pain has almost gone in my side! (Was it my ovaries or intestine?) For my ear ringing, she prescribed ER MING ZUO CI WAN (ear helper teapills) (THREE PEACHES Brand) but I noticed it was making the ringing a lot louder so I stopped taking them 3 days ago -ringing seemed better. I think I have a lot of heat as I am very emotional (friend dying, furnace was condemned necessitating purchase and installation of new one,
managing aged 86 yo mother's finances, and bipolar sister with her 2 kids, a daughter-in-law and 3 grandkids all live in the adjacent tiny casita, depending on living in my mom's property. I am now self employed, don't have good health insurance, just broke off from unhealthy 3.5 yr relationship, friend dying at 51 with 2 teenage daughters, got roped into a huge volunteer project that drank up huge time planning a spiritual trip overseas, etc etc--->stress & emotional overload.

> Do you have any feedback for me? Does anyone know of tinnitus being cured, or alternative healing modalities that might assist me to heal? I don't know if my acupuncturist and TCM dr had any success treating tinnitus, she mentioned one man that had it for 20 yrs she could not help.
> She is definitely helping me with the blood stagnation and I will ask her about her success rate when I see her tomorrow as those herbs she prescribed seemed to aggravate my condition. I took them for about 8 and a half days before discontinuing. They were not sitting well with me and she has had me on XIAO YAO WAN (Relaxin Ease Teapills also by 3 peaches brand) and YUNNAN BAIYAO Capsule (for blood stagnation it definitely was a good herb for me I could tell). I tried the ANMIAN PIAN for sleep (3 Peaches) it was not eeffective. Thinking now to try 2 g Melatonin with Valerian root tea in order to get of the Zolpidem (5mg) that I am dependent on episodically when I have bouts of insomnia- having a bad spell now.

I am exercising every day and have lost 28 pounds since May 31st. Breakup was finalized Aug 12. I now weigh 162 at 5'5

Thank you for considering my case history, and I would be most grateful for anyone's feedback.

All the Best,


I read it and this is what brought me to the Forum. Thank you Mr Dupuis!


Tinnitus is commonly treated with acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine as well as the other associated conditions that you have. A change in pitch from the herbs (even a temporary worsening) is nearly always a good sign - so you shouldn&#39t stop your treatment. Generally speaking you should follow your practitioners advice for at least 4-8 weeks of treatment - telling your practitioner of your experiences but not deciding what is best for yourself without their training or knowledge. If you do not trust the path your practitioner is on, find another one that you do trust. Starting and stopping the treatment at will, however, will not help you very much. While the herbs often seem like you are taking quite a bit the dosages are generally quite small (even when the number of tablets can seem high) - that factored in with the fact that they have very little half life and are working more systemically than locally requires that they be taken consistently to get any affect at all. Whatever changes that arise from treatment (good or bad) are very helpful for your practitioner as bringing you back into health is often a moving target instead of simple progressive path. It becomes easier as your array of symptoms come into line and the practitioner learns more about all of the causal effects within your body - this takes a litle time and cooperation. With proper treatment you should get a lot more from your treatments than just a better ear... but these longer term serious issues should come into a better state of resolution as well.


There are three patterns tinnitus: kidney deficiency, liver fire & wind heat. I think you most like kidney or liver pattern. Points: Gb2, 41, Si19, Sj17, 21, 3. for kidney deficiency add: Ub23, Ren4, Kd6, if kidney yin deficiciency : Sp6, kd2, if kidney yang deficiency : moxa Du4 & Ren4, needle Kd7. For liver fire add: Lv2, Gb43,34.

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