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Tinnitus following head injury



I came to know about acupuncture through internet currently i am taking acupuncture treatment for tinnitus.

tinnitus started after i met with an accident (Head Injury) during my childhood, since then i am suffering from tinnitus for almost 13 age is 31 years

i effected my left ear with some hearing loss.

immediately i consulted ENT Specialist and took treatment for 3-4 years, it did not give me results
i tried Ayurveda treatment (shirodhara), it also did not give me good results.

finally i took gap and currently i am trying acupuncture, it is going on since 24 days and it also give results,

i am in a confusion whether to continue or not because there are no results. also could not find the cause for this, he is suggesting and ENT Specialist for all clinical reports so that he can start analyzing based on reports

it is badly effecting my quality of life. can you give me suggestions.

Tinnitus problem

In general you will need to be far more patient. You gave your ENT 3-4 years to help you, while your condition didn’t improve at all and you give your acupuncturist 24 days. Clearly this is not fair to your practitioner - although I do understand that this is affecting your life.

Tinnitus is generally treated well within Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and/or herbs depending on the case), but with a head injury, particularly when young, it can obviously be far more difficult. On our tinnitus treatment meta page under the “patterns” section you can see there are a number of them listed and these are just the more common possibilities (see What Does Acupuncture Treat? - for more on pattern diagnosis in Chinese Medicine). Some of these have more details with regards to acupuncture on our acupuncture for tinnitus page.

If what I’m reading is correct and your current acupuncturist is asking to see all the reports from the ENT, it seems like they are following the appropriate process and you should likely stay with them. Treatment for a condition that has gone on this long is, generally, 1 month for every year of the condition - so you would be on a path that would likely be no sooner than 6-9 months and possibly as long as 9 months to 1.5 years.

Much can be done but without any reasonable organic findings by your ENT it is initially a lot of trial and error to figure out what may have happened and find the avenues to help.

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