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Tinnitus Cured With Acupuncture


I also would like to tell you my story about my treatment with acupuncture. I had a tinnitus for quite a long time and no other treatment helped. But with acupuncture I could cure my tinnitus. I wish everybody lots of success with acupuncture. Michael


your e mail was an inspiration, as i am currently getting accupuncture for my loweer back and it is working, i notice that i sleep better, my desire for tobacco is less, andi am eating less, and i have had only two treatments, i will continue for treatments for once a month. I was the biggest skeptic, but now i am convinced that this is the way to go. I have a feeling of well being. It is possible that it could be the power of suggestion, but who cares as long as i feel good what matters.




Thanks for your message. I have had tinnitus since i was 17 (i'm now 31) and attributed it to listening to music too loud. I always thought that there was no cure, although i have been aware that when i am stressed it is louder and when i feel calm, it is quieter. I study acupuncture at the moment and have been practicing tai chi and meditation for some time now, and the awareness that all of these together give me feels like it is moving me in the right direction. Belief is very important and persistence too.
It is always good to hear positive accounts especially when you can link it directly to your own life.

Andy Jones


Dear members

my mother is suffering from severe deafness (right ear is dead) , left ear with heavy hearing loss. Done surgery long back but the hearing loss continued. and above that she has tinitus which is a constant lous noise in her ear/head. she tells me its like the sound of a truck in her head. this is very depressive and i deperately want to get her conditiosn improved.

Can anybdy please help me by recommending me some good hospitals in China where she can get chinese traditional medecine treatment.??

I would be very grateful to any information.

Please help

Thank you


What town does your Mother live in?


Thank you for your reply. We are from Mauritius island (Indian Ocean)...Do you know any good hospital especially in China where they treat such conditions please?


Generally tinnitus is treatable with acupuncture but when people have had surgery there can be scar tissue, etc. that can make the condition very hard to treat by any means western or eastern. The same is true for the deafness. As you will have to fly somewhere for treatment and these types of conditions may take 3-6 months or more to fully resolve, this may not be an ideal solution for your mother. I don't have any strong recommendations in China, but I also wouldn't go that far should you decide to obtain treatment. There are plenty of good practitioners in Spain, France, and even closer in South Africa (and other parts of Africa) for you to consult with. Outside of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine can be helpful and certainly easier to obtain. If you want to contact me directly ("contact us" at the top of the page) and provide me with some medical history of your mother, her general diet, and any other health conditions, I can make some recommendations. Please do not provide this information here in the public forum....

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