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Tinnitus and Acupuncture


Two months ago I suddenly developed a high pitched ringing in my head. After a visit to the doctor I was diagnosed with tinnitus which was most likely due to stress or anxiety. The diagnosis fits fairly well considering I work in a high stress environment.

I have researched tinnitus extensively since my diagnosis and I have read many times that tinnitus cannot be cured. However, I recently discovered the Yin Yang House web site and read that acupuncture can help tinnitus suffers to find some relief from the constant loud noise and I found the following article submitted by Yin Yang House staff in 2006.

My question is. Has anyone found relief from following the treatment detailed in the above article? Thank you for your time.


As I mentioned in my email to your question the point protocols are on our site are standard protocols. They are there because practitioners over many hundreds of years have found them helpful, they are not printed for theoretical exercise. So, yes, the protocols listed are useful and many people over long periods of time have found them helpful. There are also many other ways to treat these conditions as acupuncture is constantly being shaped and formed from new experiences and new knowledge.

Tinnitus is one area where herbal medicine is often useful as it is often an internal problem. Viewing the tinnitus treatment page will give you some of the more useful options as examples. The best option is to consult with a practitioner locally and see what he/she recommends. Generally within 4-10 treatments you should have some sort of noticeable possibly even very significant response.



Thank you for your feedback. I now have an acupuncture practitioner and we are working through my condition.

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