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Tinnitus acupuncture process


Hi there - going to try to keep this short and sweet, as I know most of us suffering from tinnitus have the same concerns, complaints and questions...

I'm 29 years old. Over the last year, I've experienced a bunch of odd symptoms. It started with my belly. Food wasn't digesting. I was diagnosed with "gastroparesis." In the following months, they discovered I had Hashimoto's (Autoimmune thyroidism) and POSSIBLE lupus. When they started treating me for the thyroid, the food started digesting. I was so over joyed. I thought I was given a "second chance."

They were also attempting to treat my possible lupus at the same time. I was given a low dose of Prednisone and low dose of Synthroid. Exactly one month into these meds (and severe stress with my boyfriend - verge of a breakup and him leaving town), I suffered from a week long migraine which included seeing flashing lights and numbness. After a trip to the ER with a spinal tap and CT scan, I was sent home and suddenly very very dizzy. I went 5 days with what I thought was vertigo... Although, the room wasn't spinning, it was rocking... It was during this week that I realized I had intense pressure in my ears. I went to an ENT for an emergency visit and they performed a myringotomy (made a small incision in my ear drum). The next day, my dizzies were gone, but the ringing began. I figured it was from the procedure, but here I am 3.5 months later and the ringing continues.

I have been seeing an acupuncturist here for a little over one week. The first few visits brought an immense amount of relief, but now going into my 7th session (tomorrow), I'm ringing like I was before I started treatment (possibly worse at times). Is this normal? I realize that everyone's tinnitus is different and based on my story, NO doctor knows where to begin to tell me what may have caused this... So I'm basically living on a prayer here. I DO trust my acupuncturist, but as most people would be concerned, I'm spending a lot of money. How do we know when to call it quits? I know I've read on this site that a change in sounds is "good" for the healing process, but I've experienced changes a LOT during the last 3 months. The pitches have shifted and changed and some days have been worse than others. So how do we know these changes in sounds with acupuncture are good signs? And what else should we expect if we're being treated for this condition?

And to whomever answers this... have you personally experienced tinnitus healing? Whether on yourself or on a patient?

THanks so much in advance...!!


For suddently happen tinnitus is relate to liver problem, and liver control emotion, so I think this symdrone is most because of live pressure, anxiety or emotion problem. Check your blood pressure, if high, that mean Liver fire or yang up, if low, that mean Liver qi stagation or liver yin deficiency. the treatment will be different prescriptions.


Hi Feng Mei - My blood pressure is neither high nor low. My acupuncturist is, however, treating my liver with certain points and my kidneys. I&#39m taking kidney herbal supplements as well. Do you feel I should be taking liver supplements, too?

Have you seen this successfully treated? Just curious.

Thank you so much for your reply!


If your blood pressure about 120/80, that mean very normal, so we need detail diagnosis with pulse and tounge to figure it out, but my knowlege tell me, chonic and long time tinnus is related to kidney, usually for senior person, just happened and short time tinnus is related to liver, ususlly for young people, you just 29 years old, you should not have kidney deficincy problem, your most problem is emotion, for liver problem basic points is Lv3 & Li4+ Gb2,41, 34 , Sj2,17, 21, Si19, Lv2, Gb43, the supplyment for liver is Qiao Yao Wan.


Feng Mei, i truly appreciate the thoughtful response. i think i&#39m going to print it out and take it with me to my next appointment, just to see what he thinks. he has had his practice for 11 years and has a good name, but i know he is very open minded and maybe he will read this and make some adjustments. I looked up all of the points you posted and he does either LV3 or LV2.... can&#39t quite tell, Li4 GB2 41, 34 and Si 19. THe other points that you listed, however, he does not do.

I will definitely share this with him and let you know how it goes. Thank you so much for the advice!



Generally speaking your underlying autoimmune conditions tend to come from a condition we call Kidney Yin Deficiency in Chinese Medicine - the very loose equivalent to an overactive and consistently strained nervous system (along with other Chinese Medicine patterns). These patterns would by themselves often lead to tinnitus (i.e. it is a principle symptom of this pattern). All that said, having the incision in your ear drum is a trauma to the body that may lead to permanent scar tissue with can interrupt the function of the ear leading to tinnitus among other issues. This we will see clinically in allergy patients, for example, who get frequent sinus infections and consistent drainage issues - this can lead to scarring in the canal and lead to the same outcome. My point of this is that with your range of underlying issues it is crucial, in my opinion, that you seek treatment from a qualified practitioner (which you are already doing and this is great). The tinnitus may or may not resolve in large part due to the "damage" to the ear drum. Most of the time the myringotomy will heal just fine, but occasionally there is enough scar tissue to cause issues. That said Chinese Medicine has a good track record of healing the systemic issues related to tinnitus and can help promote healing in the area - so since this is all so acute there is a fair amount of hope.

Now onto your particular practitioner - here is just a general opinion... There is an extremely debatable opinion that frequent treatments are required for effective resolution of conditions. My feeling is that this is entirely unnecessary (just my experience)... - with autoimmune conditions you have complicated systemic issues that often simply take -time- to treat not necessarily -numbers- of treatments. This is due to the related chemical and hormonal (etc.) changes that need to happen and cannot be rushed in any way. From my perspective with the little I can gleen from your post, you would be looking at 3-6 months of treatment - but more than once a week will not help you considerably. It would be much better to have treatments over a longer period of time than many closer together... again just my experience and opinion with more autoimmune and complicated medical conditions.

I wish you the best...


Chad, thank you for the reply.

I&#39ve literally been crying all day. Even though I&#39ve had this for 3.5 months, I&#39m still having a very hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I may just be stuck with it...

I understand what you&#39re saying about the scar tissue, but my only thoughts against that are that the ringing began the very next day. Would scar tissue have even formed yet?? I suppose the hole could have caused some ringing and maybe then with time, the scar tissue kept it going? I don&#39t know.

I&#39m truly losing my mind. After my first acupuncture session, I felt great. Felt a HUGE improvement leaving that office. It wasn&#39t gone completely, but I had moments of ALMOST silence and I was OK with that. I could live with it. I only went back because I was advised to keep going. I assumed it could only get better, so I kept going back. I believe the 4th visit was the last good one. The 5th, 6th and 7th haven&#39t done much for me and things seem worse. :( I don&#39t know if I&#39m doing the right things or not. This is very stressful. In your experience, have you seen a fluctuation in results from visit to visit? My acupuncturist tells me that a fluctuation in sounds is OK and nothing to get discouraged by... That&#39d be easy to swallow if it went form worse to better, but it&#39s done the opposite... your insight here would be much appreciated...

Thank you...


I believe I&#39ve already responded to both of your points, however, just to clarify... Yes, either (or both) the trauma to the ear and the possible resulting disruption (i.e. scar tissue, etc.) to the ear can lead to the tinnitus symptoms - which again you were more than likely predisposed to anyhow given your other conditions. With regards to the treatments, again, this is partially why I personally don&#39t treat more than once a week (and even less in most cases) - the body takes time to heal and overstimulation from treatment is probably (again my opinion) a bigger problem than any kind of under treatment for these types of conditions. But fluctuation is normal, probably more so if trauma is a larger part of an issue (drawing increased circulation to the ear may "raise attention" to any possible imbalances until they heal). My general sense, however, is that even though tinnitus can be very, very frustrating, you should stick with treatment as your other range of conditions are fairly serious and possibly may lead to a range of health issues that will make the tinnitus seem less serious. All that said, and again no judgement at all to your current practitioner, but you have an extremely wide range of issues going on and sometimes a different perspective/treatment approach can be helpful. More clearly there is a general timeframe within which you should be more or less steadily heading towards a positive direction (generally this is within the 5/7-10 treatment range) - if you are not, see someone else...


Chad, thank you so much for your reply... I&#39m going to take your advice and only see him once this week, as my ears are still ringing like crazy today and the last time I saw him was Friday night.. Maybe they&#39re healing... Maybe not.

On another note, I put a call in today to see a new Endocrinologist for my Hashimoto&#39s, as I know the ringing can be from an under-treated thyroid, as well, and the fact that my hair is falling out like mad, my throat is sore on and off, as well as my ears (with a clean bill of health from the ENT), I&#39m thinking my thyroid is doing more than what my Endo wants to admit. He refuses to treat me with natural meds and refuses to test me further... I don&#39t know how some of these guys stay in business. He could be the reason I feel like this to begin with. :-\

We shall see... Thank you again.

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