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Tiger warmer/ lion warmer


Even though I’m not a big fan of carbon moxa sticks, they come with less some smoke which is sometimes preferable. These sticks (the thin ones) are also suitable for a tiger or lion warmer. Can anyone -maybe someone with experience with these devices? - please explain the difference between the two? There are so many sources/websites which seem to interchange both words for the same object. I have the rolling device which I thought was a lion warmer. But the static warmer also seems very useful. Any helpful link or explanation is most welcome.

Even though I don’t like the smell of the sticks that are needed for it, I would still like to learn more about the subject.

Kind regards,


Our Japanese Moxabustion section has some details as to the difference.

From that page:
“Tiger Warmer - is more point specific, it can be used all over the body as well as on the face, ears, nose a/or throat areas, useful in stretch moxa treatments described below
Lion Warmer - broader influence, useful along the back shu points, back pain, stretch moxa treatments for the legs”

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