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Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan and lactation


Is it safe to take Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan while breastfeeding? I have a 5 month old boy and I suffer from insomnia. Please, let me know as my priority is my little boy and I want to make sure that I will not harm him in any way. Thank you in advance.


When people ask questions like this it is clear they are trying to treat themselves. You should consult with a practitioner before you start taking herbal supplements. Your practitioner will know what is and isn&#39t appropriate for you and in what doses. Standard lists, while useful, are often not very conducive to proper treatment as it is the dosing and timing of the dose that is important as well as what other herbs are in the particular formula. It is most important, however, that you be on the completely correct formula instead of choosing one for "x" condition which is not how Chinese Medicine works - see (" What Does Acupuncture Treat?" for more information on that topic).


Thank you for your reply! Actually, this drug has been given to me by my practitioner. However, I wanted a second opinion as I am afraid to take it because I am breastfeeding!


If you have been prescribed the formula by a practitioner who is a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner you don&#39t need to worry. Just trust your practitioner like you would any other health professional.

Herbal formulas generally have very short half-lives compared to western medicines - they peak in the blood stream around 20-45 minutes after a dose and are more or less out of your system in the same time frame that food takes. The majority of herbal formulas are entirely safe during lactation when used for appropriate underlying diagnoses. With that we still have people try to space the dosages out from breastfeeding times to avoid the peak concentrations - more for the effectiveness in you than any problems with breastfeeding.

To examine the formula, it&#39s ingredients and any contraindications you can view the practitioner page for tian wan bu xin wan. This has links to all of the individual ingredients, what they do and any contraindications that we have entered in.


Thank you very much for your reply once again. I do trust my practitioner, however, I needed a second opinion! After all if I were different I wouldn&#39t need the specific drug in the first place! Last night I breastfed my son at 20.30 and took the pills at 21.00 and before feeding him again at 8.00 in the morning (last dinner was formula milk as a supplement at 23.00) I used a milk extractor to extract some of the milk hoping that this would also contribute to "cleaning" my system! I will proceed this way hoping the best for me and my baby!

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