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Thyroidism and alternative medicine therapies


I'm writing a paper on the types of thyroidism, and am wondering what are the options of alternative medicine that I could use other than western medicine.


see research articles under for info on bladderwrack sea alga Fucus sp.


The full range of thyroid conditions are treated within Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine). From my understanding, Chinese Medicine offers the most comprehensive approach to treatment of these conditions within the "alternative" medicine realm. A large part of the reasoning is that there are dietary influences, lifestyle influences, and physical organ functioning issues involved. Acupuncture and proper guidance can be used to remedy all of these issues and generally the results are very good. Other supplements may only work part of the way (so herbs alone, or other western oriented supplements) as they may not address the physical functioning as well as the acupuncture can.


Posted this originally because very few folks know fucus contains T4, which makes it a huge help to hypothyroid patients, and is safer than Armour, which has acetone remnants.

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