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Hello Yinyanghouse,
My question is about thyroid - hyper and hypo. Is there a way to balance it? Is there acupressure I can do? Herbs? And also dietary recommendations. One source says to have sea salt while another says no salt.
Thank you,


Please read my previous comment to a nearly identical comment. And it&#39s always helpful to "search our site" first before asking as there is a good chance your answer is already here...


I have good experience with treating hypo hyper by shao yin

hypo: ht9 stim, cv23 disp. And to connect it to lu7 when using ren or pc6 when using yin Wei.

Hyper: h7 disp, with cv23 disp. And to connect it to kid 7(ren) or sp4 (yin Wei).

plus symptomatic meridians.

usually on 6-7 therapy I ask to take tsh and t4. It&#39s starting to improve.

be creative.


In addition to acupuncture, try the following to make space for energy to move through the neck:

1. Stretch the neck with your fingers up and down and sideways.

2. Gently move the hyoid bone in each direction, up-down, side-to-side and diagonally. It will begin to move more easily over time.

3. Trace Figure 8s over the neck.

Also, iodine (I like liquid kelp) will balance the thyroid.

This is from personal experience. I had a severely over-active thyroid and balanced it with energy work. I&#39ve been symptom-free for almost 2 years.



Thank you everyone for your most valuable input and time! Chad, thank you for directing me to the other post. I am hoping to balance my thyroid without resorting to surgery and hormones. I realise its an uphill battle but I believe all of the info here will help. Keep it coming - it&#39s much appreciated!



Thanks Stacey for the input. It seems to work for me as well.

Could you please tell me how many sessions of massage should apply daily on my neck and for how long each of them? Did you find any way to optimise the outcome without over-working the thyroid?

Thank you, Catalin.


Hi Catalin,

I wouldn&#39t worry about over-doing the "massage" of the neck area. Try it 2-3 times a day, it shouldn&#39t take more than 2 minutes. If it becomes uncomfortable you are probably doing it too much. Listen to your body, before and after you work the thyroid. You can never over-do the Figure 8s. Use them anywhere there is pain or imbalance. Large or small, they help weave your energies and bring balance.

Anything you can do to calm TW will also help tremendously. Do you know how to check if you&#39re in TW Reactivity? Let me know if you need this explained. Also try the Triple Warmer-Spleen Hug. Wrap your left hand around your right arm just above the elbow (covering TW10). Wrap your right arm around the left side of your body, hand covering SP21. Hug and hold for at least three breaths (from Donna Eden).

Please keep me posted on you progress.

All the best, Stacy


Thank you Very much Stacey. Very helpful.




Can you please explain what does "stim", "disp" and "connect it to" mean.

Thank you


The poster is referring to an electric acupuncture machine which connects to the needles. It is nothing that a non practitioner should do.

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