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Thyroid problems


Submitted By: Vidhya ghopu

sir,female(24) came with following complaints1.thyroid problem,2. irregular mensuration3.initial wheezing stage 4.increase in weight5.light bulgingin front ,back of neck.

My diagnosis-tongue pale with white coat ,pulse slow, slippery.

she was diagnosed with pco before 6yrs and got treated and after marrriage she got a child.Two yrs after child birth she started experiencing above said complaints and was prescribed harmone pills for regularising mensural cycle by a gynacologist which helped for only a month after which she stopped taking those pills.My treatment goes as follows Lu5,9,6,sp5,ub13,st40 ,ex wheezing point -for lung deficiency,thyroid-local point LI18,Hautac6,ex1,regularising mensuration-sp6,3,st29,30.not all at the same time.5 sittings have gone. feedbacks so far are wheezing problem started reducing not completely ,she feels lighter on whole,very minute reduction in bulging near neck. she has normal working liver, kidney and apetiteand digestion.kindly guide me to help her irregular mensuration(as its her first expectation) and other problems.Thank you.


What is the color of her menstruation? any clots? is it early or late or uncertainly period? what is her TSH level? high or low?

For wheezing may kidney deficiency can not accept lung Qi and not storage kidney Jing, so the Chong & Ren&#39s Qi unsteady cause irregular menstruation,

You may add Sp4, Kd11-16, Ren4, Kd3, 8,10, Ub23.


Sir, Thanks for ur useful guidence.As anwers for ur questions, her menstruation color seem to be normal,but she says she gets a small sized clot on her 4th day every time of cycle.Before all the above said problems arrrived she had normal cycle once in 30 days,but bleeding was high that lasted for 15 to 18 days. Regarding her TSH she didnt show any report (she may bring by next week) but said her test says her t4 is high.

I have added the points u mentioned.My personal quest is can we treat and cure thyroid related problems with acupuncture alone without taking any sort of internal drugs either medicine or herbs. Thank you.


Acupuncture can help the condition of the symdrone, it is not 100% for cure any disease, she need check detail in hospital of her condition, the report of diagnosis is important for make the treatment plan.


I disagree that her T4 may have been high. Both TSH and T4 results are important. From symptoms my diagnosis is Hypothyroidism with goitre (medical). TCM diagnosis shows cold(pulse is slow) and phlegm/stagnation (neck swelling). Menstrual history important need to ask if patient has associated painful menses relieved by heat, as well as color,etc.Cold will result in damp/phlegm which stored in lungs explains wheezing and phlegm retension also explains weight gain. Further the previous PCOS pattern may have been cold phlegm retention in lower jiao.


From symptoms I conclude for hypothyroidism and continued my treatment.As a first success she got her menstrual cycle last month after ten month gap. she brought her lab test report for thyroid function test. she took her first test in Nov2011,without fasting which says T4-1.95ug/dl andTSH-58 MIU/ml.her second test in March 2012 with fasting( advised by her doctor) says.T4-8.72ug/dl and TSH-4.63 ulu/ml( as in report). there seem to be some improvement in T4. my quest is will the result depends upon fasting or not fasting. will the results difffer on fasting.How can I interpret it. Is the treatment in right way.kindly guide me. Thank you.


From a western medicine POV, the TSH is a hormone that tells the thyroid to produce T4 (and thus T3). So, if the TSH is high or normal and the T4 is low, you have hypothyroidism--- generally low metabolism. (Qi, or Yang Qi deficiency symptoms) If the TSH is low or normal, and the T4 is high, you have hyperthyroidism--- increased metabolism, but at risk for hypertension, irritability, head aches, etc. (Think "Liver Yang Rising," or "Liver Heat," that may be from deficiency of yin or stagnation.) Fasting does not affect the test a lot.

Your patient sounds like hypothyroid, from the first labs and then went into normal range on the second set of labs. Sometimes PCOS is associated with hormone irregularity. Has she started taking or stopped taking any medications? I would recommend she continue to have an MD watch her labs. But, it sounds like you are on the right track with your treatment. I would also consider giving her some Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang to drain the cold phlegm from the lungs, especially if she seems KI Qi deficient. You could try LU7 instead of the three LU points, and use SP6 & ST36 to tonify Qi and drain the dampness and phlegm, as well as the points Feng mentioned for helping the KI/Chong/Ren.

Without actually seeing the patient, we can only make suggestions, so you have to use your own judgement on what is contra-indicated.


Thanks for the response . By the way I didnt have doubt in thyroidism and also I was quite clear with my diagnosis. My quest is, will fasting before the test affect the results, which is cleared by your reply .Regading my treatment I use to combine some other points according to patterns and patient&#39s needs. Thnks once again for reply.

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