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Thrombocytosis and Acupuncture


Can anybody share their opinion of treating thrombocytosis with acupuncture? What is the outcome of the same? If anybody has treated the same. I consulted a patient who is suffering from thrombocytosis for the last 2 - 3 years. At present the counts are somewhere between 1 - 1.1 million, when it should be below 400,000. She also facing the problem of irregular menstrual cycles (probably having PCOS) and high level of creatinine and hypertension. She is on ecosporin for blood thinning and anti-hypertensives and no other medication. She is aged about 34 years old and working. Is undergoing lots of stress, as not able to convieve and also worried about thrombocytosis.

I would be happy, if anyone give me some guidelines to treat her condition


Thrombocytosis in TCM is blood stasis symptom, is the pattern of liver Qi Stagnation and kidney yin deficiency, treatment proposal: sooth liver Qi tonify kidney yin and promote blood circle. points: Lv3, Li4, St25, Sp8,10, Ren6, Kd3,6, Ub18, 23. Second treatment way is acupuncture on Hua Tuo Jia Ji on back spine with Cupping on back Ub channels and Tuina on back Ub channels.


Thank you Feng Mai, for your inputs. Don&#39t you think there is some abonormality in the production of blood cells (in this case - the platelets). So we should also treat the heart channel, isn&#39t it? Please let me know your opinion on this. She is also suffering from Insomnia, High creatinine level and high blood pressure with Irregular menstrual cycles.


Heart in TCM is control blood and mind. for production of blood energy is spleen and stomach. for insomia use Yin Tang and An Mian, for high blood pressure use Du20.


Find out what symptoms are your clients top 3 concerns. I understand the platelets are high but this can affect different people differently. So if you client has excessive bleeding related to the menstrual cycle, it would be treated differently than bleeding from the digestive system.

Also take notice for purlpe stagnation along meridian lines. This will give you vital information about the underlying pattern and allow you to better determine a treatment strategy.

What zang-fu pattern have you identified? What signs and symptoms is your zang-fu differentiation based on?


Hello Mr Spears,

Thanks for your time and inputs, which is highly appreciative. I have not consulted my client yet or done any analysis by myself. They have just come to couple of days back and checked, if I could treat them. I am just waiting for them to come back to me for a Consultation.

Do you have any inputs about identifying the imbalances according to the channel. I have learnt acupuncture more in terms of conventional medicine rather than traditional way of acupuncture. So, you can take the liberty to guide me to take me on a traditional way of healing.


The first thing I ask my patients is what their top three health concerns are. If they tell me a disease like thrombocytosis I will ask what symptoms they have. So, for clarification, determine what their top 3 symptomatic concerns are.

By determining this we are better prepared to treat them as an unique individual, rather than as a disease; and since different people with the same disease may have different symptoms, we want to be able to tailor our treatments to meet their personal needs.

From reviewing the details you have provided, and from what I know about treating it, I believe the 4 most important meridians to treat are the liver, pericardium, large intestine, and kidney.

You asked, "so we should also treat the heart channel, isn&#39t it? Please let me know your opinion on this. She is also suffering from Insomnia, High creatinine level and high blood pressure with Irregular menstrual cycles."

Treating the PC meridian rather than the heart is what I would choose, the PC meridian helps with insomnia, blood pressure, and menstrual cycles. The PC also connects to the liver and kidney meridians which are affected due to the high blood pressure, high creatine, and inability to conceive.


Left side: PC 3, PC 6, ST 36, and Right SIde: LI 4, LI 10, LV 3, LV 8, KI 9

Note: Alternate the points from side to side with each treatment. For LI 10 palpate for the most tender point from LI 10 - LI 11.


Hello Mr Spears,

Thank you once again for all the inputs. Once I consult the patient by this weekend, probably - I will let you know about any other issues concerned.

I understand you are the author of book based on meridians. Could you please let me know the details of the book. I would be interested to learn more about the meridians in detail and also the way of diagnosing the illnesses through meridians, which is the solution for several illnesses.

Looking forward for your reply.


Hello gurudattahk,

I&#39ve been traveling for a few days, and havent had much online time.

The method of diagnosis and treatment I used is based on the connections between the meridians. These relationship are based on 3 things:

1. The Chinese names such as tai yin, yang ming, shao yang, etc.

2. The horary cycle.

3. The internal/external relationships.

So using this system we can speak of the connections between the jue yin and shao yang, and the jue yin and yang ming. This may be represented as:

Jue Yin - Shao Yang Circuit

LV - PC Jue YIn

GB - SJ Shao Yang

This circuit should be used for liver patterns that affect the head, neck, shoulder, hips, and shao yang meridians and organs.

Jue Yin - Yang Ming Circuit



This circuit is useful for liver patterns that affect the abdomen, stomach, and colon. Use it for conditions like constipation, ulcers, reflux, IBS, etc.

If we look at the various connections between the meridians there are 15 total circuits that may be formed, and these may be used for both diagnosis and treatment.

This is explained more completely in my text: Meridian Circuit Systems: A Channel Based Approach to Pattern Identification (Volume 1)

When using a meridian based method for pattern identification and treament it is very helpful to ask tha pateint their top 3 health concerns, and when this is done it easily integrates with the various meridian circuits I mentioned above.

How did you intake go with the patient with thrombocytosis?



Hello Mr Spears,

I am grateful to you for sharing such good information with me. I am supposed to meet the client today. Will keep you posted about the outcome of the consultation accordingly.


Keep me posted Im glad to offer my insights.



Hello Dr Jim,

Please accept my apologies for not replying you all these days.

I did my consultation with the patient last week. Her three main concerns were irregular menstrual cycles, high creatinine levels and high blood pressure.

He was also evaluated by a Nephrologist and was found to have scarring on the Kidneys, where is the right was functioning only 64% and the left kidney was functioning 36%. So they came to the conclusion that - high creatinine levels are due to reduced kidney functioning. The cause of scarring in the kidneys is yet to be ascertained.

The heamatologist also felt that there is a problem with the bone marrow which is contributing towards thrombocytosis.

My analysis was this - she has had very long standing emotional problems right from the childhood due to incompatibility between her parents, so had to live with grand parents along with his brother. Another brother who lived with her parents, passed away due to mental and emotional problems along with alocoholism.

Even though she had all kinds of problems, fared well in academics and worked hard to get a good job. In this event, she lost her grandmother also suddenly which left her very insecure and vulnerable emotionally.

Following this, she developed these conditions. But her menstrual cycles were always an issue right from menarchy. Presently her cycles are very irregular, occuring once in 2 - 3 months. Whenever she gets her cycle, it is very heavy for the first 3 - 4 days with severe back pain and pain in the abdomen with cramps. She also has lots of clots passing. She need to take rest and some how manages to work with pain killers, which she has been taking for many years now.

This irregular cycles are not allowing her to convieve, which she is quite eager. At the same time, husband also is suffering from Migraine, Oligo asthenospermia with sperm count being 2 million/ml, when the normal counts should be around 20 million/ml.

Has also been suffering from Migraine headache very frequently. Presently, it is under control after she started to take aspirin tablets for her thrombocytosis. The migraine was usually triggered by exposure to sun, missing meals, lack of sleep, stress, emotional upsets. It was also associated with nausea and vomitting.

The other main concern for her is that of high creatinine levels. She is eager to get this corrected.

She is not much concerned about her high blood pressure, as she is taking anti-hypertensives which has controlled her blood pressure within normal limits.

She also has sleep disturbances, feels that she hasn&#39t slept the whole night. Feels like she has been in dreaming state through out the night. Feels tired in the morning.

She also is a very perfectionist, leading to fights with husband and stress on herself.

Her pulse was deep, weak and wiry. Tongue had some white coating all over.

This was my reading. Do let me know your opinion on the same.

Dr Gurudatta


Dr. Gurudatta,

I&#39ve been busily preparing for a week long event I will be teaching in Jakarta next week.

After reviewing everything you mentioned I recommend using the following circuit.



All of these meridians are very helpful for menstrual related conditions. It sounds like there is some blood/yin deficiency present since she is going so long between cycles, is unable to conceive, and has HTN.

The LV, LI, and PC will help to stop the pain, move qi and blood, etc

Obviously the KI meridian needs attention to with the scarring, infertility, and back pain.

Let me know if I can assist you in any other way.

In Light,



Hello Dr Jim,

Thank you for all your advices and inputs. I would definitely like to try your suggestions.

In the meantime, what is your opinion on doing just acupressure on the same meridians instead of acupuncture?

Her haematologist has advised not to go for acupuncture. So, I was thinking to try the same concept of meridian balancing and healing through acupressure. Please let me know about your opinion of the same.

Dr Gurudatta


Hey Guru,

I think acupressure is fine, in fact I prefer to do that before putting the needles in. That way I find the most sensitive points before needling.

I dont typically stick with traditional point locations, rather I will palpate around the points and needle into the most reactive area.



Hello James,

Thank you for your opinion. I will try and convince my patient to atleast go through the acupressure for healing and recovery.


Dr Gurudatta

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