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The Yin and Yang of Our Diets - discussion (2019-08-11 07:06:34am)

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I really appreciate this blog post. I’ve been studying Chinese in Taiwan for about five years now and have studied a lot about Chinese Medicine, I think this article is great for beginners and is explained so nicely! Well done! there are many more foods that can be added to the list, it would be such a fun project to work on.

Glad you found the article useful! Thank you for the compliments. Yes, it would be nice to have an entire section of the site devoted to the energetics of different foods. If you haven’t seen it, there was an article referenced in the article you were reading that has a slightly more extensive chart - it is “five element nutrition theory”.

While there are many texts that discuss this material, the text “healing with whole foods”, while slightly dated, has a very good presentation both of overall theories as well as individual food energetics and functions.

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