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The use of serrapeptase in TCM


Is serrapeptase used in Chinese herbal medicine? If so, can you tell me the Chinese name and describe its uses? Thank you very much!


Serrapeptase by itself is not an herb in TCM. However there are two herbs that are derived from silkworms, Jiang Can and Can Sha. I’m not absolutely certain whether a viable form of serrapeptase would be contained in either herb.


Thank you very much, Stephen! I appreciate the links so I can read more about the herbs. I suppose whether there is any viable serrapeptase might depend partly upon whether the material is heated? From what I have read, the serrapeptase enzyme is degraded by heat.


I’m not sure how these particular herbs are prepared, but the vast majority of herbs in TCM are generally prepared using heat. Raw herbs are boiled into teas, concentrated herbal formulas definitely involve being heated. I did a quick article check and didn’t find anyone who has tested either of the mentioned herbs for levels of serrapeptase (which doesn’t mean no one has, just that I’m not aware of it). Hope that helps.


Thanks for taking the time to check the articles for me.

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