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The magic begins once distant healing is requested


A friend recently observed a really interesting phenomenon that I’ve also noticed. We are both members of a healers' study group. He had contacted me to see if we could get together to address some symptoms he was having. Then in his next e-mail he mentioned that he immediately felt better after sending his request to me.

When I’m feeling under par, and I send a request to any of my healer friend, I also experience immediate relief. I've suggested to the groups of practitioners I belong to not to hesitate to send requests to the group, as that is a way we can support each other.

Perhaps when we ask for help, we are acknowledging that we are all connected. We are remembering that other's do care about us and are willing to help. And in the process we become less attached to our suffering, thus creating more opportunity for healing to begin.

After discovering this phenomenon, I have become increasingly proactive about posting my healing requests at the first sign of pending illness, and that has resulted in often being able to stop a cold in its tracks. .


Hi Judith~

You are so right when we ask for help we are able to immediatley receive what we need! You can also try it without asking frineds directly but maybe even thinking about asking them.

I do a lot of long distance healing work and people are always amazed that it can be as effective as a person to person session. I remind people not only are we all connected, but when working with energy, it has no limits! Energy just is and can reach as far as we ask it to... so long as we have the faith that it can.

Enjoy the support we are so easily able to tap into in the New Earth.

Blessings to you


Thank you for your thoughts. They lead me to think of the many ways that these connections manifest.

I have a sister-in-law with whom the link between us is uncanny. Recently she was away, and she'd asked that I keep her up-to-date. I sent her an e-mail which she had not yet opened, but within ten minutes of my sending it, she called me. We must share the same communication frequency, as we experience this type of connection all the time.

Meanwhile, I have an adult daughter who lives in the bush in the West Coast of Alaska. For weeks at a time the phone lines, which rely on satellite, are down. I haven't been able to reach her by phone or e-mail for over a month. But it seems that daily I will look at a clock or notice a number sequence 4-24, which is her birthday. And when it happens, I feel the tension dissipate because our deep connection has been confirmed, and I know she is fine.


For me this really illustrates the power of our thoughts and the power of intention. This would be especially true when we reach out to others and they are participating in the collective intention for Healing. I practice distant Reiki, and am always astounded by the connection and powerful healing that can happen at a distance, just by putting our focus on it. Thanks for sharing this!


love that you would think of using energywork requests for the beinging of a common cold. what a great gift to have someone who can give you a energy immunity booster. I may have to play with this and offer this as a service. I usally work with more advance illness and I love this preventative method.


Thanks for your response, Veena Saraswati. I wonder if the energies we call on through distant healing, prayer, and kindred modalities make such distinctions between so-called serious diagnosed complaints and "the common cold". Similar to distinctions that prevail but I do not give much credence to between "psychological" and "physical" problems, I think that ailments all have a spiritual connection in some manner, perhaps poorly understood. It surely is not linear. In any case any symtoms are a reflection of disharmony and it is that I believe which we an address through a variety of modalities.

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