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The importance of Qi Gong / Tai Chi practice for acupuncturists


For practitioners, why do you feel the practice of qigong and tai chi is crucial to your effectiveness as a practitioner?


'Qi cultivation practices are a treasure from China. Many significant Chinese medical physicians, including Hua Tuo, Ge Hong, Tao Hongjing, Sun Simiao and Li Shizhen, emphasized the practice of qi cultivation for their personal health, and to obtain a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine.


I’ve also heard that in rare circumstances if one has cultivated their Qi to such an extent then the practice of external Qi Gong can be considered. There are several hospitals in China (not aware of any in Taiwan however) that offer this. Has anyone had the chance to witness this?


As a practitioner we are dealing with patients who have a wide range of health complaints including problems with the flow of qi , so I think we should have an abundance of energy to be able detect the patient’s problems .
I believe that when we help cure the patient , then it implies that there is a transfer of energy from us to the patient .
By practicing tai chi we train the body to be able to manage our own energy and help patients


Have you yourself witnessed firsthand any master, clinic, or institution which offers external Qi Gong as a therapy?


I think many clinics offer external Qi Qong as a therapy. At least I hope so, it is part of Chinese Medicine. I love the documentary on Qi Qong done in China by Francesco Garripoli which gives you a first hand view of masters across China using Qi Qong for healing. In my clinic we use Qi Qong to move lymph by teaching swinging, to move Qi by teaching a Qi Qong form (I add external Qi Qong to the end of the form so they feel its effect dramatically increase), and I reduce the short form to seven moves that one can learn in 1-2 lessons and be doing a form daily for about 10 minutes. Tai chi chuan is a form of Qi Qong so for many patients it gives them another way to access better health. I use external Qi Qong for various disease states like TMJ where the Qi can help relax and release muscular tension. I love the work by Robert Peng on helping anyone access Qi balls and concentrate Qi into three main chakra s for health. It helps the patient see that Qi Qong is real within 2 minutes.


So you yourself apply the external Qi Gong? Who trained you?


There are medical qigong which develops various types of Qi, also there are neidan practices which can be very enhancing for curing disease also develop wisdom and deepen insight into TCM itself but it’s rare to find authentic teachings, practices or teachers.

btw. there is any chance to PM someone here? I would like to speak with you if that possible.


I don’t think it is as rare as people think it is to find teachers that are fully and properly trained and have good personal developmental practices, practice qigong for themselves and on others, and practice Chinese Medicine. What I’ve noticed is that many, many practitioners simply don’t look. They run through school, get out, do their thing or not, takes some ceu’s as required, but I don’t see many at all truly look around. This includes getting treatments from many different practitioners - part of this, even if they are not that skilled, will enhance your training, but it is the best opportunity to truly see what people are doing. The more you look, the more you will find. Now I might have been very lucky, but I’ve been able to train closely with some very high caliber people who have influenced my practice and my life in nearly indescribable ways. But I’m not from a family of practitioners, nor did I have to travel beyond a few hours, but I did look (and haven’t stopped looking) and experienced them and their practices with an open mind.

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I think I’m going to have to take a 10-year field trip inside China… XD

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I suggest you to read “Opening the Dragon Gate” and read the topics related to TCM and healing approach there. Cultivation is very important for TCM doctor unless he wants to be medicore all his life. Even if someone cultivate only some lesser levels of Tao like seeing internal vision of the patient (either jing mai or just organs) he could approach to the disease better or to cultivate needles for acupuncture with essences of sun and the moon. I would suggest to read this book to understand the principles of cultivation and effects which it gives towards general well being and wisdom we can develop. Sometimes beyond imagination.


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My training first came from tai chi china training. My second teacher also taught Qi Gong and Tui Na. My third teacher taught a blend of internal martial art classes with meditation and various types of qi gong. It was through him that I first experienced external Qi Gong. I took classes and worked on material from both Robert Peng and Effie Chow.

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