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Terrible Headache after treatment for vitamin A tolerance


My wife has had a terrible headache for the past four weeks since her provider performed a procedure on her to allow her body to accept vitamin A. The treatment involved acupuncture and supplements. My wife has been with this provider for the past 8 month, started with the original complaint of feeling very tired. The program consisted of the first few months of detox by acupuncture and supplements. For the last couple of months, the treatments were done to improve my wife's absorbtion / acceptance of cerrtain nutrients and vitamins.

The headache started after the treatment for vitamin A acceptance. When my wife went back to her provider after two weeks of having the headache (the provider had been on vacation for two weeks), the provider said that the treatment for Vit A did not get accepted by my wife's body and liver was causing the headache. The provider did another round of acupuncture, prescribed higher dosage of liver supplements and told her to come back on the following day. On the following day, my wife went back with the same headache, provider tested her and said that the treatment was successful now and she should continue her usual regiment of supplements and start vitamin A daily. A week later, when my wife went back to her with the same headache, this provider said that she thinks that this headache is not caused by anything that she did and may be my wife should see her MD now.

It's been four weeks now. My wife's headaches are killing her. They feel a little better when she wakes up in the moning and get worse in a couple of hours and get really bad by the afternoon. My wife describes the pain as terrible pressure and compression. The pain is in the vertex of the head as well as in the temples. Lower jaw feels sore on touch. Muscle relaxant for jaw muscles with the mouth guard for suspected teeth grinding did not produce any noticable diference in pain. No dosage of Tylenol or Ibuprofen help with the pain. Please advise us on what could go wrong and what should be done now. Thank you in advance.


Without going into an incredible amount of detail my answer is quite simple - see another acupuncturist. The techniques you are describing and the over influence of supplements and injections is not only not part of Chinese Medicine it can be very dangerous (or at the least not helpful). Find a practitioner who is a licensed acupuncturist, not someone who does other things and also practices acupuncture and you will more than likely be better off.


I agree with above, see another acupuncturist and also your MD if the headaches are getting worse


Eat too much Vitamin A will cause heavy headache, nausea, vomit. Vitamin A for women only need 800ug daily, over this amount could be poison to body.


Dr. Dupuis,

She is a licensed provider, she&#39s been practicing for 25 years, very reputable practicioner. Something went wrong and she either does not know what or does not want to admit her fault. In either case, my wife is in a lot of pain. In your personal professional opinion, is headache related to the treatment performed, what could go wrong and what can help my wife now? Thanks.


The easy way to treat headache is find a good massage therapist to do body Tuina & massage, or feet massage.

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