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Tennis Elbow


May I ask a question about "tennis elbow". A colleague has had a very sharp pain right on the point TB-10 for about a month, it was sudden, unprovoked on-set. The pain sometimes radiates into the forearm and there are knots in the lateral deltoid and ticeps. The person has a history of ME and Immune function problems (often sick with colds). We have tried massage of the area and anti-inflammatory patches and medication, the pain persists. Could you offer any solution and possible cause for the on-going pain?


I am assuming you are a bodyworker and not an acupuncturist, so one answer would be to refer to an acupuncturist as that can be extremely helpful. On your own, the trick generally with these conditions is to not overly focus on the area of pain but from the cause of the pain. The cause, outside of acute trauma to the bone itself is generally from a mix of tight or misaligned neck and/or shoulders and tight tendons running into the wrist and forearm. So if you focus higher up on the neck and shoulder and then try to lengthen the tendons in mid forearm and wrist you should do well. Patches, etc. locally will generally only help temporarily. From an acupuncturist, cupping on the shoulder and scapula are on the affected side can be very useful.

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