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Tea allergic questions


I had a problem while drinking Tea. My face become redish near year side and I don’t know why it happens. No pain no itching or no burning sensation just color changing what i have to do to overcome this problem


What kind of tea, black, green, white? All types. Has this always happened or did it just start? If it just started what else was going on at the same time? Any other allergies.

Tea is technically a stimulant and many people are more sensitive than they realize to it, or caffeine in general. You might just need to avoid it completely.


White and green tea are considered to be more yin, while black, oolong, and pu-er are considered yang. If you are yin deficient, black tea is more likely to cause flushing. Unless you make changes to correct the underlying yin deficiency, the tea is going to continue to cause flushing. The easiest thing to do is not drink black tea and switch to either green, white or any herbal tea instead.


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