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TCM treatment response


I talked to a DOM yesterday. I told him many of my problems and he suggested I see a therapist. There are no CBT therapists around here and the therapists I have talked to have been, well not so helpful. With anxieties CBT is the best. He talked like anything he would do wouldn’t remain altered because of my panic attacks and anxiety. He suggested I not try some of the medicine until I felt an attack and then to examine what it was from. Well that doesn’t quite work here. On the meds I’m ok if I started messing with them I would be bedfast or in the hospital. He said in TCM, depresion means your scared of something and panic anxieties meant something too. He didn’t seem to understand west. Psychiatry. What does this sounds like? HE also said after I asked that both the heart and liver were involved in anxieties.


Based on your interpretation of what they were saying I would venture that the practitioner has very limited experience treating psychiatric conditions with TCM, I would consult with a different practitioner.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be useful in combination or in lieu of Chinese Medicine. Anxiety disorders are very well treated given the right methods are used over an appropriate timeframe with Chinese Medicine.

With appropriate treatment and in conjunction with your current medical doctors you should have no problems -slowly- weaning off the western drugs. In my clinic we do this all day long and have never had any major problems but there is a process to do this correctly which any practitioner with experience in such matters should be able to do well along with an involved patient.


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