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TCM perspective about taking the contraceptive pill



I'm trying to understand de TCM perspective about women's taking Contraceptive Pill. I would like to conect the Pill's action with the organs and extra meridians involved in Menstrual cicles.

If it's possible, i would like to know the side effects about taking contracetive pill, but in TCM perspective, for ex: Fluid retention or Nausea.




While there is much that could be said on the topic, generally birth control arguably contribute to liver and/or blood stagnation from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Oddly this is largely the existing imbalance when women are put on birth control for menstrual issues. The thing that I&#39ve always found interesting clinically is that even for the women who do well on birth control and symptomatic resolution when they try to come off for health and/or fertility reasons later they often have the same issues they had before going on birth control or worse. So it often gives the illusion of helping the imbalance while either maintaining it or even making it worse. As a treatment for menstrual issues birth control is not looked upon favorably within Chinese Medicine. Menstrual issues are very often well treated and resolved with Chinese Medicine avoiding years of birth control use and possibly other fertility issues for women who come off birth control to start their family.

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