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TCM herbs and Secondary Hypertension


Would herbs be effective dealing with Secondary HT for this? Creatinine is now normal! However BP is resistant and at some point would like other options other than use of BP meds.
Young healthy person with injury to kidney has resulted in FSGS.


Yes it very well should be if they are properly diagnosed and given a correct formula - so seeing a practitioner locally will be best. Ideally, however, you are treating the underlying causes of the kidney damage systematically at the same time; which Chinese Medicine by it’s very nature will do (see “treating the causes and not the symptoms”). I strongly suggest you see someone locally and give them a few months.


Hello Chad: Thank you for your quick reply. We did manage lowering the protein by use of Naltrexone (off label) under supervision of an MD who is an integrative health practitioner. Now we need to move forward with the BP. Have someone with extensive experience in mind in TO.

Thank you,


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