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TCM formulas for complex Ovarian cysts, plus


Diagnosed with complex ovarian cysts on right ovary and 2 intramural fibroids in myomereium layer of uterus, as well as nabothian cysts (tiny cysts on surface of cervix caused by skin cells clogging glands causing micas to build up).

Had a benign fibroadenoma in my right breast. Also have weak immune system (CVID/hypogammaglobulinenemia) and I am heavily overweight do carry most of it in my mid-section. Frequently suffer from coated white tongue.

Wish I had access to a really Chinese Medical practitioner. They are really hard to find here, in El Paso, TX. Would like to try to supplement with TCM before my next appointment for ultrasound in 3 months, to determine if there’s any growth or surgery needed.

Based on what I’ve read I’m probably suffering from:

  • Liver qi stagnation
  • Spleen qi deficiency, caused by Liver qi stagnation. Over time, stagnant qi in the Liver exerts excessive control on the Spleen, impairing its ability to transform and transport food and fluids. When the digestive function of the Spleen is hampered, fluid accumulates into damp- ness or phlegm
  • General Qi stagnation & Qi deficiency
  • cold accumulation
  • damp-phlegm accumulation
  • Weakening of the body’s yang, caused by longstanding Spleen qi deficiency, can lead to interior cold accumulation, as well as generalized blood deficiency.
  • blood stasis

Since I do not have access to an apothecary, what already made and formulated pills do you think I should consider ordering? I am fine with taking more then one formula.

Thanks for your help.


There are over 15 licensed practitioners in the El Paso area, many of them who also practice Chinese herbalism. I would strongly recommend you start by consulting directly with someone in your area. There is no online equivalent to what you can learn from being able to physically inspect someone, treat them and follow them personally over time.

That said, nothing you are describing in your post should be overly complicated to treat with Chinese Medicine. You would, however, be looking at a likely 5-9 months of treatments with a moving herbal approach as well during that time - yet another reason for working directly with someone locally.

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