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TCM for Essential Tremors


Any recommended TCM formula for hand-only tremor?

I know the underlying problem comes from wind/heat, and while I’m familiar with herbs/other to combat such (Gou Teng – for example), I fail to see ratio protocols, or which ingredient to use as the parent modality, and/or others to assist.

I p/u a 2017 “Guide to Commonly Used Chinese Formulas”. And while it’s filled with a slew of info, I’m forced to sift through a multitude of pre-named formulas with no correlation.

Any help appreciated ~ L


A few things. First, clinically I find acupuncture far more effective for tremors than any herbal formula in nearly every case. Second when you say “I know the underlying problem comes from wind/heat” - do you mean in you (i.e. you have this as a diagnosis) -or you think from your reading that all people with essential tremors have wind-heat. If the later, this is incorrect and one reason people don’t often get good results from treatment. The proper formula for -you- is the one that matches with your personal diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms -not- the one that matches your symptoms (see “how to choose a formula”) for more on that.

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