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TCM and chinese philosophy


Is the Tai Chi and the 8 trigrams used in TCM? All I’ve ever seen is the 5 elements theory. Which makes perfect sense.


Tai Chi has a few different definitions, one of which is the that it reflects the movement between yin and yang. So in that definition tai chi is more or less the most fundamental basis of TCM.


My meaning is tai chi came from wu chi. And from the tai chi the 8 trigrams. Pa Kuas I guess would be the term. I just know this has an application in TCM. Something beyond the 5 elements.


Chinese Medical theory and the underlying Chinese philosophies that support it are deeply intertwined. In a clinical fashion there will be ranges to how deeply they influence treatment. Some discussion and examples of a deeper integration may be found in the following text:

And this powerpoint presentation entitled “eight trigrams and nine meridians” is probably as succinct of an answer that you will get regarding these broad theories.


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