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TCM and Children



I am looking into treating behavior problems in children and adolescents. I am a teacher and an acupuncture student on the verge of graduating. I see a lot of problems in my classroom which I feel can be very successfully targeted with TCM.

I would like to know if anyone has experience addressing behavioral problems such as ADD, ADHD, difficulty focusing, etc, or can recommend articles or books I can look into.

Thanks for your help. Any information is welcomed.


We have treated many cases of add/adhd and related imbalances in both children and adults. These are issues with the frontal lobe and as conditions such as anxiety and depression respond well to acupuncture one would expect these would as well. We utilize the Tam Healing System and Tong Ren Therapy for treatment, so our treatment points, etc. will vary to some degree from a more standard TCM approach, but part of the treatment will still require treating the pattern that you see in the client, as well as the points/areas that we recommend.

You will find the main points that we focus on within the Tong Ren Therapy for ADD/ADHD article and that along with looking through some of the TCM patterns for anxiety should help you to build an appropriate treatment protocol. In general, and from experience, the Tong Ren Therapy alone is enough to alleviate these conditions which we use extensively particularly when the children may be too active for acupuncture.

In some cases we also use a pearl powder lozenge we have created which helps as well (pearl kuding tea lozenge). Pearl powder within TCM herbology, helps to center and stabilize the mind and there are generally no side-effects so it is great with people of all ages.


self massage Yin Tang(close eyes) can help concentration and calm down exciting emotion.

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