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Synovial cyst



I have synovial cyst on the joint of my middle finger (3rd PIP) any ideas except surgery.



use 4 or 5 short needle surround stab(flat stab) the side of the cyst, then press out the liquid, and pressure bandage, important is sterilize, after several days, if no more swell, will be success, if swell again, should needle second times or more till no swell.


I surround the cyst with short needles angled towards the center of the cyst. Attached the electro-stim crossing the center of the cyst with 4 leads. This disperses the stagnation after 2 or 3 treatments without further damage to the skin. This decreases the risk of infections. Good Luck


Does this work as well for Ganglion cysts in the wrist area. Have you had success doing this or just in TCM theory?

Thanks Lawrence


I use the &#39Surround the Dragon&#39 protocol for any node, mass or cyst including bunions & corns. A bunion treatment takes a bit longer than a few treatments, but the decrease in size is measurable after each treatment.


Insert the needles towards the center of the node, mass or cyst. Inserting where the node, mass or cyst reaches flat skin. Surround the node, mass or cyst with at least 8 needles based on the BaGua.

Attempt to touch needle tips for greater reduction . This means I may use a 3" needle, if needed, instead of smaller length needles. It all depends on the location of the treatment & the size of what I&#39m treating.

I will use all e/stim leads placing them from north to south & east to west. Sometimes I will connect my leads to 2 needles, instead of one, depending on the degree of pain the patient states.

My black/negative lead can be above or below the red/positive lead. All leads are placed with the flow of the meridian. UB flows down.... SP flows up.....ect

E/Stim for 20 to 30 minutes changing freqencies every 10 minutes for a square wave treatment.


Thank you for sharing....I will give it a try.

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