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SwollenParathyroid glands how to treat them auriculo- Microsystems acupuncture -tong ren modality


How to treat this kind of issue swollen glands on the Mandir ular region thanks


The most important would be to figure out why they are swollen, then you treat that. Further, in Chinese Medicine you don’t treat any “condition” you treat the underlying diagnostic causal conditions - see “treat the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on that.


Just got a seminar of Dr li Jie last weekend about thyroid diseases… Swollen= flegm so you can use flegm points, and points to move it. On the ear you have the endocrine point, and I should use thalamus also. Next to zero and shen men.


I would caution against making blanket statements such as swollen=phlegm - they defy the usefulness of Chinese Medicine. Swollen could be from nearly any pathogen in Chinese Medicine and proper diagnosis and tailoring to the individual is a large part of the value of TCM.

Swollen parathyroid glands, in western terms, arise from “primary” - an enlargement contributes to high hormone production, but a “secondary” version is they are swollen in response to low levels of calcium from other disease processes (kidney disease, etc.) in the body. So even from a western perspective you would have to ascertain is the symptom a primary cause or a secondary result. Certainly in TCM you would always focus on what is going on in the entire system and look deeply at how that might relate to the patients issues - not just assume. That generally will lead to poor results at best and at worst further problems for the patient.


Hi Chad thanks for your latest reply and consideration I appreciated your time and effort trying to clarify and support people where ever they are…i am not assuming anything of that sort. Matter of facts made a cock up of problem area i am tried to adress actually it’s the “Parotide glands” under the maseter muscle I am talking about sorry they sound and spell nearly the same .apparently according the specialist doctor they may be caused by calcium channel blockers (hbp medications as you may have heard of THIS type of drugs…the question I am trying to ask is …have you came up across with this kind of issue during your years of practice and how you approach it that is all. Thanks once again


Thank you sir I just saw you reply .appreciate that. The problem is the Parotide glands not parathyroids misspelling. Thank you once more

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