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Swollen TM (jaw) joint


My right TM joint is swollen. Which meridian pertains, and what points should be used?


How long have you been having issues? What have you done previously and for how long and with what result? What other health issues do you have, particularly those involving inflammation and/or stress? What is your diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective?

All of these answers matter, because you will get very poor results if any just using local points (i.e. where it hurts) - see “What Does Acupuncture Treat?” for more on treating the causes and not the symptoms.


I have been having this problem for the last month or two. I have had acupuncture, but until recently the problem hasn’t been serious enough to discuss with my acupuncturist. I am 75 years old and am in good health. The only medicine I take is Lipitor for cholesterol. My most recent acupuncture treatment deal with problems related to the liver meridian, including thigh cramps and diminished visual acuity.


Liver qi stagnation issues, which is what it seems like they are treating you for (liver qi/liver blood) can also lead to upper body tension and issues like teeth grinding, headaches, etc. So tension in the jaw could easily come from that. Your acupuncturist will know what to do. Generally some point combination like the four gates - LV 3 and LI 4 and some local points and some tuina massage on the neck will take care of it in a few treatments.


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